Got a car? Due that MOT? Let us introduce you to London’s first all-female garage…


Whether you’re looking for a simple service or intricate bodywork the team at Spanners With Manners have the answer to all your car-shaped needs.

Set up in East Finchley, north London, Spanners With Manners are London’s first all female garage.

The team consists of founder Laura, her girlfriend Siobhan and friend Megan.

Laura started out 15 years ago as an apprentice at Porsche and has worked at several garages since.

“Some of the places I worked at were awful in the way they treated a woman on their team, but I was also lucky enough to have worked in happier environments with men that were keen to share their knowledge with me and treated me as an equal,” says Laura.

“We have many customers from the LBGTQI community that all comment on how lovely it is to have found a garage with a welcoming, non-intimidating attitude, where they feel unjudged and that their vehicles in safe and trustworthy hands.”

“We’re a small business with exciting opportunities and are always on the lookout for skilled mechanics to help build our growing empire!”

Interested in getting involved? Need that MOT? Follow them on Instagram here

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