Basic profile? Extended profile? Donor ID Release or not?


Choosing to use a sperm donor is a big decision – therefore, there are a lot of things to consider. Questions like, ‘How much information about the donor should we be able to provide our child with in the future?’ are not uncommon.

In order to answer that question and those like it, you’ll need the facts…

There are different types of sperm donor profiles  

At Cryos there are two different types of donor profiles: A Basic Profile and an Extended Profile.

The difference between the two is the degree of information available about the sperm donor. 

The Basic Profile  

This profile is for those who want very little information about the donor.

It provides information on race, ethnicity, eye and hair colour, height, weight, blood type and usually about education.

As there is only information provided about the physical features of the donor, you do not get a lot of personal information.

The Extended Profile

This profile is for those who want a lot of information about the donor.

If you choose a donor with an Extended Profile you will get the same information as in the Basic Profile and additionally, up to five to six pages of personal information on the donor’s background, education, EQ Profile, family and interests.

You can also read about the staff’s impression of the donor, see childhood photos, read a handwritten letter from the donor and listen to an audio recording of the donor’s voice. Some of the donors also offer photos of them as adults. 

Learn more about the Basic and Extended Donor Profiles here

Non-ID Release or ID Release sperm donor

Both of the aforementioned profiles are available as Non-ID Release or ID Release sperm donors.

If you choose an ID Release Donor your child will have the opportunity of getting identifying information about the donor from Cryos, when he or she turns 18.

Making a decision about whether your future child should be able to contact the donor or not is a big factor when it comes to choosing how much information you would like about the donor.

There might be questions that the profiles cannot answer, and you want the chance to maybe ask the donor himself.

Learn more about Non-ID Release and ID Release sperm donor here.

Your decision is the right decision

There is no right or wrong decision in this process, the key is to know all of the facts in order to make an informed decision that feels right for you and your family.

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