Hunt steps down after five years in the role


According to “A Note from Ruth” published on Stonewall’s website on 21 February 2019, Ruth Hunt is set to leave the LGBT organisation this August.

Hunt said the past 14 years at the charity have been “transformative” for her, both personally and professionally and that she is determined to make her last six months count.

She added that she will continue to be a “vocal and passionate” part of the organisation once she leaves. 

According to Stonewall, during Hunt’s time as CEO the charity has gone through a significant growth period, increasing staff numbers from 75 to 160 and growing their income from £5.38 million to £8.69 million.

Hunt says she’s “proud” of the part she has played in Stonewall’s journey. 

The statement by the charity praised Hunt for her work over the last fourteen years – five as CEO – explaining how she has played a central role in its key achievements in recent years.

Since taking on the leadership, Hunt has enabled the charity to become fully trans-inclusive; a dedication which has shaped the charity moving forward creating real change for the LGBT community. 

Friends and activists have paid tribute to Hunt’s work at Stonewall online. Jan Gooding, chair of Stonewall, said Hunt had been a “visionary, bold and inspirational leader” during her time at the charity.

Hunt added, “I have decided it’s time for someone else to lead this fantastic organisation and take it into the next chapter,” without giving any further reasons for her decision. 

A replacement for Hunt is yet to be announced but she assures in the statement that she has no doubt that the board will find an exceptional new CEO to continue the charity’s great work for the LGBT community. 

Good luck from DIVA, Ruth.

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