Pop star Saara Aalto talks wedding plans, mental health and supporting the trans community


When I meet Saara Aalto at a hotel bar in west London, she’s fresh from a day at the rink rehearsing for ITV’s Dancing On Ice. Onscreen she’s been slaying the competition, wowing audiences and judges alike with her dedication, charisma and on point helicopter lifts. But behind the scenes, the gruelling training schedule is taking a physical toll on the effervescent pop star from Finland. “It’s so hard to explain what we’re going through,” she exclaims, showing me her injuries. “I have to wear a support on my wrist. My elbow, neck, shoulder, ankle – I’m aching everywhere. It’s all I do from 8am until the evening. It’s a lot!”

You wouldn’t know she was suffering from her spellbinding Sunday night performances, each an enchant-ing mix of carefully honed skill and infectious joie de vivre. But then hard graft and connecting with a mass audience is what Saara does best.


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