Creator Ilene Chaiken breaks down what we can expect from the sequel


I don’t know if you’ve heard the glorious gay news, but The L Word sequel is confirmed for a brand new season by the end of 2019!

In a new interview with NBC, the show’s creator and fairy gaymother Ilene Chaiken revealed what fans can look forward to in The L Word 2.0. Here’s what we found out.

1. Don’t worry, sex scenes are high on the agenda

“It’s really important to me that the person who takes over this show shares my enjoyment of telling sexy stories about sex.”

2. Ilene knows how powerful and important The L Word still is to you

“The L Word is The L Word, and I felt that it still lived on in my heart, in my life, and it still seemed to live on in the world at large. I have daughters who are now 23 years old who were six years old when I started doing The L Word, and they both tell me all of their friends are watching The L Word and discovering it and still responding to it in a powerful way.”

3. Your pals Jennifer, Leisha and Kate were a driving force behind making the reboot of our fantasies a reality

“Jennifer, Kate, and Leisha started lobbying me to do this about five years ago, and it really was kind of their idea more than mine.”

4. The team are (thankfully) very aware of the criticisms of the show

“The world has changed; we’ve learned a great deal, I’ve learned a great deal. I know things now that I didn’t know then, and I’m glad to know them… I think people will be gratified by how inclusive this show is.”

5. We need to talk about Carmen

“I wish people understood that we didn’t write Carmen off the show — Sarah Shahi only had a two year deal and had an opportunity to star in her own TV show. But I’m hoping that Carmen will turn up in this new world again.”

6. And finally, anything could happen…

“I said to Marja [Lewis Ryan, the new showrunner], who is very respectful and collaborative, ‘Feel free to say it was a dream if you want to.’ But I just wanted her to know that I wasn’t precious about any of it, so anything could happen, who knows?”

We can’t wait to find out! For loads more L Word reboot goodness, make sure you grab our March 2019 issue via the links below, available from 22 February.

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