YouTube’s leading queer sex educator gets up close and personal with Roxy Bourdillon


I am obsessed with Stevie Boebi’s vaginas. She has a whole wall of them: luscious life drawings, erotic sculptures, even a smattering of jaunty Victorian porn. She gazes fondly at a black and white photo of an Old Timey lady flashing her gash with glee. “She’s my favourite.”

The saucy wench in the picture is holding a sign directly above her nethers, which says “For rent” in French.

“She’s so happy with herself and I love it.” I love it too. I find myself gasping in delight, not unlike that monochrome minx, at every new vajayjay I spy. “I’ve got my cats on here too. It’s a pussy joke!”

I’m utterly enraptured by this smorgasbord of twats, but I have to ask… erm, why? “I have a vulva wall because there are dicks everywhere. Why are there dicks everywhere? Why does everyone know everything about dicks?” Amen to that, sister.

Stevie makes herself comfy, sitting up in bed. I spot on more yonic (the vag equivalent of phallic – you’re welcome) painting looming over the headboard.

“It’s a symbol for vulva.” I’m starting to sense a theme.


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