Did you know that Cryos, the world’s largest sperm bank, has a blog? 


Packed with posts about donor sperm, other people’s experiences with the process of having a child with the help of donor sperm, and many other topics relevant for your fertility journey – it’s the Cryos blog!

Who are we and why follow our blog?

Cryos started back in the 80s with a vision of helping those without children achieve their dream of having a child. Since then, it’s grown to be the world’s largest sperm bank.

Today our vision is the same, and we take pride in the responsibility of helping create life as we believe that everyone should have the chance to experience the joy of parenthood.

Creating awareness and offering information about infertility and fertility treatment with donor sperm is one way to reach our goal and this blog is an attempt to do just that. The Cryos blog could be really helpful for you if you would like to know more about:

💗 Other people’s experiences

💗 Donor children

💗 Donor sperm

💗 Fertility treatment

💗 Pregnancy

💗 And about Cryos in general

We will answer questions like what is IUI, CMV, ICI, and IVF? How do you choose the right sperm donor? How are other people experiencing having a child with the help of donor sperm? How are the donor children doing?

…and much, much more.

You can visit the blog here.

Please don’t hesitate to comment on our blog posts and join the conversation, follow us on Facebook, and join our online community, Family Dreams, where you can share your experiences and connect with like-minded.

See you at the Cryos Blog and/or Family Dreams 👶🏼 👶🏽 👶🏾 

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