Here’s why we love the hilarious YouTube supercouple


With over one million YouTube subscribers between them, Rose and Rosie are arguably two of the most famous LGBT YouTubers in the UK. Their vlogs mostly share snippets of their lives on a regular basis, but it’s their authentic, fun, and bubbly online presence that contributes to their fast growing fame. It’s also the reason why we love them so much.

To credit our favourite girls, here’s a personal list of my favourite Rose and Rosie moments. From their beautiful wedding pics (I’m not crying, you’re crying) to some of their inspirational words of wisdom to the LGBT community, here’s to Rose and Rosie!

1. “So this is my story.”

Rosie’s coming out video gained over 600,000 views. I love it because she’s honest, and the video is so relatable. Rosie touches on issues bisexual people face in the LGBT community, and in doing so, uses her presence to educate people for the better.

2. December 2016: DIVA cover

It was a painful wait when it was announced that Rose and Rosie would be on the front cover of DIVA for the second time, but it was definitely worth it. In the interview they say that they “were nervous to be role models”, but we can’t imagine any better role models than them.

3. The announcement that broke the internet

The 2014 Rose and Rosie proposal was a great day for the LGBT community, and one I’m definitely still talking about. (Of course, the wedding video is to follow.)

4. THE wedding

This half hour wedding video is definitely goals. And be prepared, it gets emotional, especially as they both looked so beautiful.

5. Sandwiches?

I don’t think a captions needed here. Apart from saying this iconic quote can’t go unnoticed in my list of top Rose and Rosie moments.

6. The new Litchfield ladies

Boo? Red? We’re shook. This is definitely my favourite interview of all time. Check out the full interview video on YouTube.

7. Rose is smooth

Awkward flirting? This video is a hilarious collaboration with the gorgeous YouTuber Cammie Scott. Rose’s pick up lines can sure teach us a thing or two….

8. TOUR!

Their tour announcement was BIG news. Rose and Rosie visited cities across the UK and the US, which provided some pretty cool tour blogs.

9. Three queens

The Radio 1 Teen Awards are of a huge deal, and our girls won best British bloggers! As if this wasn’t amazing enough, they also got to interview some great celebrities, including the queen Dua Lipa.

10. Pose and Rosie

This video gave us a glimpse into Rose and Rosie’s teenage years, and the old photos we all regret posing for! Here’s Rosie rocking the classic middle parting.

These videos never fail to make me laugh and smile. I can’t wait to see what 2018 brings for them!

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