Introducing Lose Myself by Lots Holloway

Singer-songwriter and DIVA fave Lots Holloway has a brand new single out and you are going to LOVE it. ūüėć

The retro-inspired, upbeat and¬†undeniably catchy Lose¬†Myself is about “a passionate¬†relationship – a couple and their over-heated crazy arguments, but written in a¬†mischievous, playful voice”.

Lots told us, “I felt it was time I delivered a song that lives up to my personal energetic nature, and what better time than Pride season when everyone is in a playful, sunny and joyous mood.”

Keep your peepers peeled for the upcoming music video, featuring Lots as a 1950s Christian Grey character with a supporting female actress as her love interest. It‚Äôll be fun, sexy… and slightly kinky. Sounds like essential viewing to us.

Now, treat yourself to a listen of this upbeat, insanely catchy track and enjoy those #summervibes. ūüėé

Catch Lots at the DIVA Women’s Stage in Leicester Square at Pride in London on Saturday 6 July.

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