Also in this week’s debrief: Baby Queen, a Christmas horror-comedy, and a wedding disaster 


We’re well and truly into November now, and do you know what that means? Even more queer content! As the nights get darker and the thermometer goes down, we’re being blessed with more new releases to snuggle up in bed to. 

This week we saw a huge array of new LGBTQIA releases to get stuck into. Dive into this week’s Friday Round Up with us! 

MUSIC: Baby Queen – Quarter Life Crisis

South African singer Baby Queen is back with a new album entitled Quarter Life Crisis. As the title suggests, this album is all about confusion, existential crises, and growing up. The queer artist is known for singing about sapphic love, and this album does not disappoint. 

TV: The Buccaneers – AppleTV+

Set in 1870s London, The Buccaneers follows the culture clash which ensues when a group of unruly Americans descend on British society in search of love. Starring trans icon Josie Totah, The Buccaneers is based on Edith Wharton’s unfinished novel. 

We sat down with writer Katherine Jakeways, director Susanna White, and producer Beth Willis to talk all about the new series. 

BOOK: Today Tonight Forever by Madeline Kay Sneed

When thirty-three-year-old Athena Matthias is asked, yet again, to be a bridesmaid, she’s not exactly enthusiastic about the idea. After all, she’s still getting over the messy divorce from her wife. However, she dutifully goes along to support her friend. 

But just as Athena begins to feel herself relaxing, an unexpected guest from the past throws the entire wedding party into chaos.

FILM: It’s A Wonderful Knife

If you’re looking for a Christmas comedy-horror, It’s A Wonderful Knife is the perfect one for you. Taking a spin on the Christmas classic It’s A Wonderful Life, this new film sees Winnie Carruthers try to save her town from a psychotic killer on Christmas Eve. Oh, and it’s like pretty gay. 

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