Looking for the perfect spooky show to watch this year?


History has firmly established that the LGBTQIA community owns Halloween. I dare anyone who wants to tell us otherwise to slay as hard as we do in our costumes. 

I, for one, am obsessed with all things spooky season, from carving pumpkins and eating eyeballed-shaped candy to watching Halloween-themed shows and movies. In my case, this means spooky stories that are actually wholesome at heart, because my mystical self will never be able to survive two jump scares in a row. If you’re like me (or if you’re not but still want to watch something amazing this October) here are three reasons why What We Do In The Shadows should be at the top of your Halloween watch list: 


I absolutely detest when I am made to sit through an entire movie or multiple seasons of a show only for the LGBTQIA characters to die a tragic yet poetic death at the end. Do you know where that would never happen? On a deliciously funny show about a group of LGBTQIA vampires who live in the same house. 

The polar opposite of “burying your gays” – the literally immortal queer characters sleep in coffins above the ground, promising us endless silly adventures that take us into twists and turns that are firmly held up by genius world-building. And what a phenomenally undead world it is! From zombies and werewolves to witches and dolls possessed by spirits, there is something for everyone no matter who your favourite creature of the night is.


A lot of people might associate Halloween with fear, but for me, it’s about self-expression, mystique, and cosiness. One of the best elements of What We Do in the Shadows is the theme of chosen family, which it gets perfectly right. While the characters have distinct personalities, life histories, and interests, they always show up for each other and look out for their friends. The group even includes a human familiar, whose journey might seem separate at first but is obviously rooted in the camaraderie of the group. 

I mean, most of the main characters literally have the power to hypnotise people into handing over their property papers, and yet they choose to keep living in one house even as they complain about each other’s habits. This could not be more of a chosen set-up – and that’s the best way to be loved, right? 


What We Do in the Shadows is also the perfect show for impeccable costume inspiration. The characters come from different parts of history and since they’ve lived for many years there are “alive” and “undead” versions of their wardrobes which are all memorable and brilliant. 

Whether you want to go all out and look like a half-dead Baron, or take a more budget-friendly approach by dressing like a human familiar, this show has got you covered with endless options for genius costumes of amazing characters! Though some outfits might be a little niche, go as one of the protagonists and the fangs and blood will do enough for you to not be asked to explain your costume all night. But, if you happen to meet somebody who recognises exactly which vampire you are, then you might just have found another roommate to add to your eternal residence! 

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