“She put herself in debt to make sure I could get my hormone treatment” 


After a tense eviction which saw make-up artist Farida head home from the Big Brother house, the remaining contestants sat around last night (15 October) to share images of their loved ones. 

When it came to Hallie, it wasn’t long before the teen had audiences everywhere in tears. Having come out to the house earlier in the week as trans, Hallie showed the group a picture of her mum and gave a heartfelt speech about how much she had done for her. 

“My mum has spent so much of her life putting her time and effort into other people and making sure that I am happy and comfortable with myself,” she said. 

“She put herself in debt to make sure I could get my hormone treatment,” she continued. “And she’s just such an amazing woman and I just love her so much. She deserves much more than the world.”

Hallie has already said previously in the show that if she wins the £100,000 prize money she would use it to pay back her mum as well as complete her transition. 

Fans immediately took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to share how “incredible” Hallie’s mum is. 

We’ve already seen just how amazing Hallie’s mum is this season after she spoke out about Farida’s questions to Hallie. Audiences were split in opinion when Farida asked Hallie if a man would be considered gay if he dated her. 

Hallie’s mum Samantha addressed the situation on Big Brother’s spin-off show Big Brother Late & Live, saying: “She [Hallie] knows when to stop it if a line gets crossed but she also knows that she does have to explain as well. Some people don’t know.” 

Samantha continued saying “Farida said when she was walking into the house that she wants to learn things, she wants to teach her own faith and culture.” 

“[Hallie has] handled it so well. She’s coming out just being herself and it’s lovely for the whole world to know the real Hallie that I know,” she also said proudly. “She’s very grown-up. She’s had to grow up fast. I had to bring her up fast to comply with the world that she’s going to be brought up in because of being trans.” 

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