Both of the trans reality TV stars came out to their castmates onscreen


LGBTQIA representation within the realm of reality TV has been on the rise in recent years. And this year was a big one for trans representation. Ella Morgan made headlines this year when she was cast as Married At First Sight UK’s (MAFSUK) first transgender bride.

MAFS UK viewers were moved to tears when Ella came out to her castmates during their first group dinner party. In her speech, she said: “I’ve never questioned who I am. I’ve always known I’m Ella inside. We all have struggles in our life. Most people just never have to question their identity or gender.

“I don’t expect you guys to understand or get me. All I ask is that you respect me and treat me as the person I am. I’m not ashamed to stand here as an openly transgender woman, where there’s so much negative stigma about trans people.

“Now that my outside – and it’s a very sexy outside – matches my inside, I stand in front of you all as an openly trans woman, but more importantly, I stand here is Ella and all I want to do is be seen and treated as the girl that I am, finally.”

And this month, Big Brother returned to our screens and introduced us to 18-year-old Hallie, who came out as trans to her housemates earlier this week. As they all gathered around the dining table, Hallie said: “Hey guys, I just have something to say. Yesterday I feel like I wasn’t being 100 per cent authentic in myself.”

“I thought I’d let everyone know I’m trans, if you didn’t know already. I just thought I’d make that loud and clear. I’m a trans woman if you didn’t know,” she continued.

Both Ella and Hallie were met with support and love from their castmates.

While Hallie is still cut off from the outside world and living in the Big Brother house, Ella has been living it up and talked to Metro about seeing Hallie coming out onscreen at this week’s Attitude Awards.

“I just think she’s incredible, she did a better job than I did,” Ella said. “I don’t think she needs any advice, I think she’s bossing it, she’s absolutely incredible.”

“To be 18 years old and do what she’s doing takes so much courage,” she continued. “I’m 29 and I’m s****ing myself doing this so she doesn’t need my advice, she’s killing it.”

Big Brother airs nightly – not including Saturdays – on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm.


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