From music production to five-aside football, she has it all


Art School Girlfriend (ASG) is one of the coolest lesbians on the indie music scene. As a producer and singer-songwriter, she has been growing in popularity – both her debut and sophomore albums have received high critical acclaim. But she doesn’t stop there… she also runs a monthly show for the radio station Foundation FM, and plays football for Peckham’s Legends F.C.

DIVA interviewed ASG for our March issue and we have a teaser for you…

Art School Girlfriend on…

Choosing her name

“My ex-girlfriend was doing a DJ set with her ex-girlfriend from art school. She suggested they could be the art school girlfriends. They never used, so I took it!”

The pain behind queer joy

“When you have queer joy, you still have the shadow of the trauma and the pain that you went through to get to that point.”

Making music with her partner

“We have real contrasting but complimenting skill sets.”

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