Our favourite activist, model and writer talks to DIVA about her upcoming memoir and manifesto, trans futures and letting go of shame


Munroe Bergdorf is no stranger to DIVA magazine. She’s a champion for LGBTQIA people, and she has been committed to advocating for a positive future for the transgender community. We have loved her and raved about her work for years now, and in our new issue of DIVA, we have so much to celebrate. Somehow, she seems to be constantly finding new ways to change the world for our community.

On 16 February, Munroe’s memoir, Transitional: In One Way Or Another, We All Transition, will be published in the UK and North America, and we bagged an exclusive interview with her. Want a teaser?

Munroe spoke about…

Her new book Transitional

“I’m excited because I feel like it’s going to give the opportunity for other people who have gone through similar things to feel seen and less isolated in those occurrences and in the feelings that come after them.”

Representation in magazines

“Not seeing any Black models on the cover of magazines during the 90s and early 00s made a significant impact on the way that I saw beauty.”

Trans futures

“I want the world to see trans people as limitless rather than limited.”

For the full scoop, get your copy of DIVA’s February issue from the link below.

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