“Any talk of LGBTQI+ equality or liberation is moot without the inclusion of our asylum-seeking and refugee siblings”


Lady Phyll, the co-founder and executive director of UK Black Pride and executive director of Kaleidoscope Trust, will join Micro Rainbow as its first ever patron. The not for profit organisation provides safe housing for LGBTQIA asylum seekers and refugees who are fleeing violence, discrimination and persecution in their home countries. Micro Rainbow also offers holistic support through its Social Inclusion and Moving On programmes.

Following the growing hostility towards asylum seekers and refugees, it is clear an intersectional approach is vital to tackle the injustices LGBTQIA people face which is often left out of mainstream organising. Intersectionality is a huge part of Lady Phyll’s activism and work. Addressing the news, Lady Phyll had this to say: “The mission of Micro Rainbow is very close to my heart. Since its founding, UK Black Pride has been a welcoming and safe space for asylum seekers and refugees, and I’ve seen first hand the tremendous impact the charitable organisation – and its dedicated team – have in the lives of those in need of a soft place to land and a welcoming embrace. Any talk of LGBTQI+ equality or liberation is moot without the inclusion of our asylum-seeking and refugee siblings and I’m excited to use my platform, networks and experience to assist the organisation in their mission to work in service of LGBTQI+ asylum seekers and refugees.”

Lady Phyll joins as patron as Micro Rainbow celebrates 10 years of providing urgent support to LGBTQIA refugees and asylum seekers. Since being established in 2012, the organisation has supported 5000+ LGBTQIA people fleeing persecution, helping 1000+ in 2021 alone. The Housing Programme provides over 22,000 safe nights every year, with houses across the UK.

At the time of Lady Phyll’s patronage, we are experiencing a cost-of-living crisis, meaning the support the organisation gives is more urgently needed than ever. Lady Phyll’s platform and knowledge will help Micro Rainbow in creating sustainable, scalable and replicable social change.

Micro Rainbow’s CEO, Sebastian Rocca has said: “Micro Rainbow is delighted to welcome Lady Phyll as our first patron. As an organisation we have massive admiration for Lady Phyll’s work, her commitment to upholding human rights and her solidarity with LGBTQI+ people across the world.”

“Many of our beneficiaries have attended and felt welcomed, supported and celebrated at
UK Black Pride. We are delighted to have a patron who understands the obstacles faced by
LGBTQI+ refugees and asylum seekers in the UK, and we look forward to working together
going forward.”

Find out more: www.microrainbow.org


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