“For my first job to be one that celebrates queerness so boldly and so unapologetically feels like a huge relief”


You must have heard the buzz around I, Joan at Shakespeare’s Globe. Charlie Josephine’s breath-taking retelling of Joan of Arc puts trans and non-binary rep front and centre. In this play Joan is gloriously non-binary. Which fits given historical Joan famously dressed as a man to lead the French army to victory before being killed, essentially for gender non-conforming. It’s a ground-breaking and welcome move for a theatre so steeped in cultural tradition.

Queer audiences have flocked to the “wooden O” since the show opened in August. It’s rare to see ourselves reflected so beautifully, so honestly and with such love in mainstream media. What makes this play truly brilliant is that it casts a non-binary lead actor as a non-binary Joan in a play by a non-binary writer.

There’s still time to see this extraordinary show. I, Joan is on at Shakespeare’s Globe until 22 October. Book here. £5 tickets are available for every performance.

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