“Part of BEAUTIFUL is having a space”


SHERELLE speaks to Black, queer power, and couldn’t be a more fitting feature for the Black History Month issue. The DJ and founder of record label BEAUTIFUL is uplifting Black, queer talent in electronic music, championing the next generation of QTIPOC artists. Want a sneak peek of what she had to say?

On realising her love for music…

“I was quite obsessive over music and the closest thing that I could do was DJing. I started when I was 15.”

On using it as a form of escapism…

“The music I was choosing to play was very upbeat and very joyful. It was a form of distraction from what was going on around me.”

On representation…

“I was sick and tired of the constant erasure. We should have our own spaces, and we should be working with people who get us.”


“Part of BEAUTIFUL is having a space. I want to work towards having a club space – and this will take years – which runs Black and queer nights.”

Read more from SHERELLE in the October issue, available now via divadirect.info.

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