Is love in the air?


TikTok is going crazy again, and this time, it’s because queer icon JoJo Siwa is suspected to be dating TikTok legend Avery Cyrus. A video with over one million likes posted on JoJo’s TikTok shows the two suspected love birds in a car miming to a clip of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick. JoJo mimes “We’re friends” and Avery responds, “Purely platonic”, to which Siwa laughs. The caption reads “This audio was made for us….@averycyrus.”


This audio was made for us…. @averycyrus

♬ original sound – Hayu

This audio clip has been a trend for many lesbian TikTokers and their partners who use it to joke about pretending to be just friends to their parents. The original audio was posted by Hayu with the clips caption being “Tag your “platonic” friend.”

Of course, this has bought out the Sherlock Holmes out of the lesbian TikTok community to try to decipher whether this is a hoax or a blossoming romance. People have been meticulously combing through JoJo and Avery’s socials for evidence. The sleuths didn’t have to wait long before another video was posted.

Only yesterday, TikTok star Cyrus posted another video featuring her ‘friend’ Siwa which ends in them hugging and looking deeply into each other’s eyes, smiles across their faces. Squabbles broke out in the comment section, many sarcastically saying “AND THEY’RE NOT DATING!?” whilst others accused them of the pair leading viewers on as a publicity stunt.


so are we rocking wirh “Javery” or “AoAo” #jojosiwa #averycyrus #wlw

♬ original sound – KALES

In case you’re wondering who Avery Cyrus is, she’s a lesbian influencer with over eight million TikTok followers who has recently left a relationship with fellow internet star, Soph Mosca. The exes seem to harbour no hatred since their breakup, having made videos together explaining that they don’t hate each other.

Javery fans are gushing at the wonderful chemistry between JoJo and Avery and are hopeful that the two confirm a relationship. JoJo Siwa came out last January after fans speculated about her sexuality after a collaboration with Pride House LA. She then made a social media post wearing a t-shirt reading “Best Gay Cousin Ever’ as she lip-synced to Lady Gaga’s Born this Way. She was embraced by the community with open arms and is viewed as a positive role model, especially to her young fanbase.

Later that year she became the first person to compete on Dancing With The Stars with a same-sex partner and has posted herself attending pride parades. She has gained many supporters due to her brave and cheerful attitude. Known by her iconic bow and bright, girly clothing style, she proves you don’t have to look a certain way to be gay and tries to shatter the stereotype all lesbians are masculine.

Is this the next chapter in JoJo’s love story? Who knows, but we can’t wait to find out!

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