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Happy Friday, DIVAs! UK Huns: how are we feeling post-heatwave? Burnt? Us too. Who needs after sun when you’ve got fresh tunes from the likes of Daya, Phoebe Green, Gia Ford and more to soothe that pain? Enjoy!

Daya – Her

The sapphic tune to end all sapphic tunes, GRAMMY award-winning, multi-platinum pop artist Daya has shared Her. The latest single from upcoming EP In Between Dreams – landing on Friday 16 September – similarly features a visualizer, narrating raw experiences of love and loss.

“‘Her’ is pretty explicitly about being consumed by memories of a previous lover after a relationship ends,” Daya shares. “Even when getting intimate with someone else. It’s in those moments that it’s been hardest for me to move on, and I really wanted the track to convey how paralysing it can all feel in the moment, which is why the second half descends into what feels like some sort of a disorienting bad dream.”

Phoebe Green – Lucky Me

Northern indie queen Phoebe Green shares her debut album, Lucky Me, today! Having toured with the likes of Self Esteem, Baby Queen and Everything Everything, now, she’s reclaiming her own breathing space. Performing a live session at Maida Vale earlier this year for the sapphic joy that is the Killing Eve soundtrack, Phoebe explores bolder, unchartered territory with this thirteen-track slice of alternative excellence. Want to hear more from Phoebe? Check out her exclusive interview with DIVA here.

Nova Twins – Supernova

Having performed at Boomtown Fair just last week, nu-metal duo Nova Twins are the buzz of the town. With singles Antagonist, K.M.B., Cleopatra, Puzzles and Choose Your Fighter, the pair are set to support Rage Against The Machine in Edinburgh next week. Comprised of guitarist and vocalist Amy Love and bassist Georgia South, Supernova is inundated with their trademark heavy bass lines and screaming guitar riffs. A queer-inspired call to arms, Nova Twins are appealing to edgy gays across the world with their gothy look.

Lauran Hibberd – Hot Boys

“As a lesbian, these are the only Hot Boys I want”, one fan joked as Lauran Hibberd released the latest instalment of her new album, Garageband Superstar earlier this week. “It started as a joke, but now it’s really real. The album is yours in under 48 hours. Listen to Hot Boys even if you think boys are gross”, Lauran encouraged fans. Featuring Viji, Hot Boys follows previous snapshots Still Running (5K), Step Mum, I’m Insecure and That Was A Joke.

Gia Ford – Car Crash For Two

Assuming the moniker of Gia Ford, Sheffield-hailing Molly McCormick shares latest single, Car Crash For Two following her first two EPs POSTER BOYS and Murder In The Dark. For fans of Radiohead, Fleetwood Mac and Nick Cave, Gia Ford channels bittersweet lyrics through her American pop-cultured-inspired aesthetic.

“It’s a song about toxic love – about how sometimes people get used to their car crash romances, so much so that it becomes normal and romanticised – even masochistic – to the point that they descend together into this alternate world”, shares Molly. “It’s interesting to me how fine the lines are between pain, pleasure, love and hate – and maybe it’s because they cannot exist without the threat of one another. Sonically I’m entering a totally new era – for the first time I feel I’ve arrived at a sound that truly represents me; that’s genuine reflection of all my life influences – I’m excited, I can start all over again.”

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