Our show documents our whirlwind friendship which began in Year 9


Ever wondered about starting a comedy act with your secondary school best friend? We’re Britney, and we did just that. We’re a sketch comedy double act comprised of queer ally Charly Clive and lesbian – or straight ally – Ellen Robertson, and we’re taking our show Friends and Nothing More to the Fringe this year. We got the title from a gorgeous lil ditty that Charly invented and performed for Ellen when she came out. She wanted to assert the boundaries of our relationship and what better way than through song?

Our show is sort of about our whirlwind friendship which began in Year 9 on the World War One Battlefields of France (on a history trip). We used to spend all day at school together, call each other on our landlines when we got home for a minimum of two hours, have a quick dinner with the family, and then a catch up on MSN before bed. Charly invited Ellen on her family holiday to Cornwall after we’d been friends for about a month.

The intensity of our friendship can only be likened to a lesbian relationship. But it turns out that only one of us was a lesbian! Charly just had short hair at school because of a nit problem! Now, years on, we live together, work together, and socialise with unrelenting regularity together. The last time we were at the Fringe our friend Luke came past our room (at home we at least give ourselves separate bedrooms, but at the Fringe that’s twelve thousand pounds) when we were giggling about something and he screamed “you guys are insufferable!” Of course, LUKE, we suspect that lots of people, particularly women, form super close friendships in their teens and twenties, and then the cultural narrative is that gradually the supremacy of the romantic relationship takes over.

But we seem to be surrounded instead by brilliant people whose friendships are just as important to them as their relationships, and that strikes us as something the queers have always been good at. Charly wishes to add here, just as an ally, that the queers to her seem pretty good at everything! And that even if she was trying to come up with a criticism of our community, she couldn’t! We’re both really pumped to do the show, partly because the whole premise is about us finding life partners from the audience, and we’re bound to strike gold once right?! And then we can finally relax. We are women after all, and women want to get married.

There’s so much about going back to Edinburgh that’s making us wildly excited, particularly some super queer shows from Shelf, Leo Reich, Sophie Duker, Ania Magliano, Chloe Petts…damn it’s gonna be gay. If you’d like to catch our show – Friends and Nothing More – you can find it at Pleasance Courtyard from 3-28 August at 17:45 each day. If you’d like to pester us on social media, you can follow us on Twitter or Instagram. Tickets are available from The Fringe website here.

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