Whether you’re happy or heartbroken, these artists have you covered, your ears will thank us later!


Queer representation in the world of music has come a long way in recent years, but finding those artists can still feel a bit like panning for gold. To save you wading through your streaming services to curate your summer playlist, here are four queer artists you should listen to right now.


This queer alt-rock-pop duo from Brighton have been making their name in the UK and around Europe, as headliners and supporting artists. They were listed on NME’s Top 100 Essential New Artists for 2020 and have appeared on the line up of some iconic festivals including Great Escape, Icebreaker and Left of the Dial. The band is made up of Hanni and Clara who have been playing together since 2017, and their music translates well everywhere that it’s played but there’s no denying that the pair’s chemistry and evident friendship lends itself well to live performance. ARXX recently released a single called “Couldn’t Help Myself”, the proceeds of which will be sent to Gendered Intelligence, the national trans-led charity, improving the lives of trans and non-binary people in the UK.

Pillow Queens

Sarah, Pamela, Cathy and Rachel makes up this four-piece indie rock band from Dublin. Formed in 2016, Pillow Queens quickly gained momentum releasing EPs, playing festivals and headlining shows as well as supporting Soak on a string of European tour dates. Their new album “Leave The Light On” is a must-listen exploration of strength and sensitivity. The beautifully constructed work feels, generally, relatable whilst remaining so personal to them. In addition to their musical sincerity, Pillow Queens are down for a laugh -their Instagram feed is a gallery of sass, sports and sex toys – well worth a follow! 


Zolita has been releasing music that amasses millions of views and streams online for a few years now. Her trilogy of songs: Someone I F*cked Once, Single In September and I F*cking Love You, were accompanied by music videos depicting a relationship between Zolita and Gia, played by Tatchi Ringsby. The videos tell stories that are normally told about heterosexual relationships through a queer lens that normalises and represents the community. Zolita has cultivated an amazing fan base and she writes, edits and produces her own videos and the results are that of authenticity, beauty and queer joy!

L Devine

L Devine has been releasing music consistently for the last few years, but her most recent EPs, Near Life Experience: Part 1 and Near Life Experience: Part 2, have been hailed by the critics as significant steps forward in her ascension to pop greatness. L Devine caters for all, with tracks you can party to and tracks that provoke a little more reflection. She lays everything on the line in her song, Daughter, that narrates a challenging dynamic in a queer relationship as she says “it goes against everything that you taught her, well sorry Miss, I’m in love with your daughter. Said what about kids, all the hopes I had for her, well sorry Miss I’m in love with your daughter.” L Devine is a masterclass in pushing the boundaries of pop in different directions and writing heartfelt, bittersweet lyrics. She has collaborated with many artists, such as Charli XCX and has recently been on tour with Years and Years – and this is only the beginning!

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