Here’s how people and organisations have responded to the latest anti-trans actions of the government


By now, you are probably familiar with the messy story of Boris Johnson’s “conversion therapy” ban announcement. On 31 March, a document was leaked to ITV news which stated that the government would no longer fulfil its pledge to ban “conversion therapy”, the pseudoscientific practice of attempting to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

This U-turn was naturally met with vocal outrage and within hours, it was reported that the prime minister had changed his mind again. He had decided that the government would ban “conversion therapy” but not for transgender people. 

The LGBTQI community is outraged by this blatant display of transphobia. In protest, Stonewall and over a hundred other LGBTQI and HIV organisations have withdrawn from the governments upcoming Safe To Be Me conference which was set to take place on the 50th anniversary of the first official London Pride marches in June. The conference has now been cancelled.

Social media has been rife with anger and sadness at the disrespect shown to the trans community. 

Some people used #LGBwiththeT to express their solidarity:

The LGBT Foundation released a statement on the government’s reversals to banning conversion therapy: “the rights of marginalised groups facing oppression should never be pitted against each other for political gain“.

Some of the UK’s most senior religious leaders condemned the decision to exclude trans people from the ban…

…As did many mental health organisations.

Iain Anderson, the former LGBT Business Champion and advisor to the government, resigned over the issue with this letter:

Another flurry of social media posts came after organisations began to boycott the Safe To Be Me conference.

Stonewall led the way, and over 100 organisations withdrew from the conference.

Akt – an organisation which supports LGBTQI young people in the UK experiencing homelessness – withdrew, pointing out how trans people are more likely to have experienced conversion therapy than cis people:

The event has now been cancelled.

If you want to take action and #BanConversionTherapy, write to your MP through this useful tool from Stonewall.

And finally, remember…

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