Raising awareness about health inequalities and celebrating those dedicated to supporting LGBTQI women


For those not in the know, LBT Women’s Health Week was created with the aim of raising awareness about LGBTQI women’s health inequalities for women seeking out services and the frontline workers and healthcare providers who work with them. It’s also an opportunity to celebrate, highlight and learn from groups and services which are dedicated to supporting women in our communities.

In honour of yesterday’s #InternationalWomensDay The National LGBT Partnership released 50 facts about the health experiences of lesbian, bi+ and trans women.

Did you know?

  • A study found that when trans women used healthcare facilities, their gender-related requirements were “ignored or not taken into account” by 24% of trans women.
  • Accessing mental health care is “not easy” or “not at all easy” for 50.5% of cis LGBQ women and 53.5% of trans women, according to one survey.
  • Because women in same-sex relationships are thought to have fewer occurrences of sexually transmitted infections, lesbian and bisexual women’s health concerns may go unnoticed by healthcare practitioners who are unfamiliar with LGBT health.

Want to find out more facts about LGBTQI Women’s Health? You can read the full resource here.

Looking to attend some insightful events?

You can find out more about upcoming panel discussions, workshops and talks here.

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