The fun, inclusive and much-needed disco collective behind MISSCOTEQUE is getting ready for another unmissable night


Before attending MISSCOTEQUE back in November, I didn’t realise how much I needed a space where my friends and I could have an anxiety free night out. Run by Amaia and Georgia, the founders of WNB (Women and Non-Binary) Disco Collective – formerly known as Womxn’s Disco Collective – the Bristol based queer night for shes and theys is an unmissable event for those in the area.

The last event took place amidst the recent surge in spiking. Women and non-binary people have always been conditioned to be hyper vigilant when out at night, but our worries were at an all time high. I was relieved when I arrived and realised how safe, inclusive and fun it was. Every new person I met asked what my pronouns were, or naturally used they/them. I didn’t have to hold my bladder whilst someone was crying over a man in the toilet. I didn’t have to watch my drink with hawk like vision. I lost one of my friends who I arrived with for an hour, and at first, I was searching the venue, worried that she may be in danger. That was until my other friend reminded me of where we were. Turns out, said lost friend was having a whale of a time and had found new friends.

And of course, the music was divine. Last year I heard from the founders about the inspiration behind starting the event inspired by pop up discos of the 70s – 90s where the marginalised lesbian community thrived. Following the collective on Instagram and experiencing the magic on the night, it’s clear how much care and attention Amaia and Georgia put into nurturing this rare and very needed space.

In good news, the next MISSCOTEQUE is right around the corner! Bristol queer, save the date: Sunday 13 March. The disco will take place at 9pm – 2am at Lost Horizon. Be sure to grab your tickets here.

Keep your eye out over on their Instagram page where the collective will be sharing its lineup and more as we get ready to funk the patriarchy! 🌈


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