The Minneapolis artist reflects on all things love and infatuation in their latest EP


Happy Aquarius Season DIVAs! Denaisha has worked with their longtime partner and collaborator, producer MJ (booboo) on their dazzling new EP Aquarius Season. Denaisha’s smooth and versatile vocals pair perfectly with the punchy basslines. Denaisha is an out and proud non-binary lesbian and consistently serves up Black queer magic. For Aquarius Season, the artist looks back on and shares their past with a mesmerising amount of vulnerability.

In the titular song Denaisha’s examines their past infatuation with Aquarius women and the repercussions of being so consumed by this. They sing, “You’re using me like an ashtray” and “It’s not just you, it’s not just me, you’re missing out on loving me.” Through reprocessing these moments the artist powerfully portrays the healing and transformative journey of stepping into power as an adult.

On the EP, Denaisha has said: “This is a small collection of songs I wrote and recorded when I was a teenager, booboo helped me make them beautiful. It makes me feel extremely vulnerable to share these with you. This is basically the journal you write in high school and would have destroyed before anyone ever laid eyes on it. But that stuff is always also the most relatable, so I invite you to revisit a very young and romanticised part of my brain with me, Happy Aquarius season!”

Often feeling like an outsider, Denaisha has fought hard to get to where they are now. Their growing and unapologetic confidence can be felt within the honesty of the lyrics and seen within the epic visuals of the accompanying music videos. All the songs are a mastery of their craft, and each track offers up a different layer to Denaisha’s journey. Listeners will be left feeling like they too can accept their pasts and step into their power.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to vibe:


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