When people complained about their inclusive new advert, they decided “enough is enough”


Earlier this year Vodafone Spain premiered their heartwarming and wonderfully inclusive new advert. The ad features a young girl using Vodafone’s home security system as an ingenious way to come out to her parents. It’s so important to see this kind of LGBTQI representation normalised onscreen. Take a look for yourself:

We weren’t the only ones who loved it. This uplifting advert received tons of positive responses. However, there were unfortunately some negative comments in there too.

One user complained, “Why should my eight-year-old daughter or four-year-old son have to see something like this in a Vodafone advert?” Another asked, “Why does it have to be a lesbian? Why not a heterosexual kiss?”

Vodafone Spain decided they couldn’t ignore this prejudice and resolved to stand up for inclusion and equality.

Brand director Cristina Barbosa explains, “Much remains to be done, and advertising is a huge part of that change, that’s why we came up with this campaign in the first place. We want to be a brand that gives visibility, raises awareness, and gives a voice to everyone, especially those who didn’t have a voice in the past. Creating a space and starting a conversation is important, and we will continue to do so in the future.”

“Usually, global brands don’t get involved in controversial debates,” adds social media manager Roberto Tamayo. “But this time, we decided to say: ‘enough is enough’.”

Vodafone Spain published a tweet to reiterate their stance on discrimination:

“Given the unfortunate comments received on our last TV spot, we confirm that: yes, we made this video and we are proud, because our mission is to connect ALL people, regardless of their sexual, political, or religious orientation.”

When Pride season rolled around, Vodafone Spain felt inspired to go one step further. So they created a brilliant social media campaign featuring staff members, LGBTQI+ influencers and the actor who appeared in the original ad. It turned out to be the most successful Pride social media campaign they’d had in years.

Even Vodafone’s competitor Movistar declared their support stating, “There are times when competition doesn’t exist – and this is one of those times. We join you in taking #OneStepForward.”

An article recently published on the Vodafone website sums it up like this:

“At Vodafone, we believe diversity makes us stronger, and we are passionate about technology’s ability to give everyone the ability to be their authentic selves – just like the girl in our ad.”

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