The LGBTQIA charity has announced a new campaign to help encourage diversity and acceptance in schools 


Just Like Us, the LGBTQIA young people’s charity, has set the stage for a new campaign that illuminates the path to a more inclusive future – For You, For Me, For All of Us. 

With a mission to spread awareness and foster acceptance, Just Like Us collaborates with schools and queer youth across the UK to promote LGBTQIA inclusion. Embracing the belief that everyone should be proud of who they are, the organisation is now rallying support for its vision of a more inclusive world. 

The driving force behind this campaign lies in the power of donations. These contributions will enable Just Like Us to provide essential training for teachers establishing Pride Groups in schools. These groups act as safe spaces where LGBTQIA ambassadors can share their experiences, becoming a sanctuary for pupils to feel secure and valued. 

Donations will also go towards developing new resources for schools on LGBTQIA issues. 

Alison, who established a Pride Group in her school, said: “Just Like Us has benefited our school in so many ways. The journey that we’ve had in LGBT+ inclusion would not have happened without the support and the resources and the passion from the charity.”

Just Like Us has found that LGBTQIA youth are twice as likely to have been bullied than their heterosexual peers. They have also discovered that LGBTQIA students who were not supported in school are three times more likely to not be confident they’ll have a career they enjoy. 

Char Bailey, Birmingham Pride director and a mentor at Just Like Us, knows the vital role of the charity in empowering individuals. “The work Just Like Us does is amazing. Everybody has the right to feel supported and unafraid to be themselves,” Char said. “Educating young people in schools about LGBT+ issues takes away that fear and drives understanding and acceptance.” 

Laura Mackay, Chief Executive of Just Like Us, endeavours to create a positive impact on students that extends beyond the school walls. “LGBT+ inclusion not only benefits the schools and young people we work with but also makes a positive impact on all of society.” 

She continued: “We know that supportive environments for LGBT+ young people have hugely positive impacts on their lives into adulthood, from their health to their careers, but also that LGBT+ inclusive messaging at school benefits the wellbeing of all pupils, whether they are LGBT+ or not.”

The For You, For Me, For All of Us campaign shines a beacon of hope for LGBTQIA youth, fostering a world where everyone can grow up feeling safe, supported, and valued. Every contribution made to this cause marks a step towards a brighter, kinder, and more accepting future.

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