Vodafone has made a game-changing new dedication to employees to mark International Women’s Day 2021


To celebrate International Women’s Day 2021, Vodafone has announced a new global commitment to ensure that all employees are supported during the menopause.

In keeping with this year’s IWD theme of #ChooseToChallenge, the company is challenging the stigma that people can face when going through this difficult time, instead choosing to provide an inclusive and supportive workplace for everyone. 

This groundbreaking initiative comes after new independent research conduced by Opinium found that 62% of women who had menopause symptoms said this impacted them at work, with two thirds agreeing that more workplace support is needed. Further to this, the study of 5,012 people in five countries who had experienced menopause while at work found that half of participants felt there is still a stigma around talking about the menopause. 

The newly announced commitment will apply across all Vodafone markets and forms part of the company’s broader strategy of supporting all employees through every life stage to create a culture of inclusion.

Vodafone estimates that menopause currently affects around 15% of its 100,000 employees. To ensure that all employees feel comfortable seeking support, Vodafone’s global commitment will introduce a balance of support and assistance, training and awareness including: better policies for sickness leave and medical treatment, flexible working and focus on providing guidance and raising understanding of the menopause. 

Leanne Wood, Chief Human Resources Officer at Vodafone said: “Vodafone’s global commitment on menopause underscores our drive for a more inclusive culture and our desire for women to see Vodafone as the place to be for their career through all stages of their life.  

“With menopause impacting women for a significant period of their working life, it’s important to us that our environment supports and normalises these life stages by openly talking about and supporting menopause in the workplace.”

You can read more about Vodafone’s new global commitment HERE.

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