Here’s a sneak preview of Attinis 16, with the full series available to view on YouTube 


Pop queen and uber LGBTQI ally Sinitta, has launched a brand new docusoap on YouTube to showcase her passion project, Attinis 16.  

Attinis 16 is a binge-worthy short-form series that follows a group of diverse young musicians as Sinitta mentors, nurtures and encourages them to realise their full musical potential against the many odds that life has thrown at them. 

Many of the original cast are LGBTQI youth, including Ronnie, Lucia, Stephanie, Jerry and Adam who identify as either lesbian, bisexual or trans. Attinis 16 gives them a safe space within which to explore their emotions and their creativity, with Sinitta on hand to deploy her pastoral skills.  

Sinitta says: “Attinis 16 is a dream I had back in 2010 to navigate young musicians through the adventures and challenges of to elevate their creativity. For the last two years we’ve been filming behind-the–scenes and the series is an all inclusive snap shot of what it takes to make it in the industry”. 

Sinitta doesn’t just talk the talk, she takes action too. Three of the queer identifying women performed with Sinitta on the DIVA Stage at Pride 2019, where they rapped to Paradise. 

Sinitta won’t be alone as she steers the talented young cast towards their creative dreams. “My oldest friend, Simon Cowell, and other experienced professionals will make cameo appearances and offer help and encouragement as they face the challenges of the industry”. 

But it’s not just industry challenges that the cast face. There are emotional trysts, crushes, crises of confidence and other meltdowns that go with hosting a group of young people as they strive to be the best they can. As Sinitta says: “Attins 16 connects the stories to the music. All the drama is played out in real life but provides the content of their music.  It’s unique entertainment that allows the viewers to understand the artist’s emotions”. 

Viewers will have an opportunity to download the original songs that are performed during the episodes. Part of the premise is to “help young people sustain a living working in the music and entertainment industry. Viewers will be able to purchase the songs and contribute to the success of an amazing cast of solo singers, bands, rappers, songwriters and producers.” 

The addictive storylines, eclectic cast, sensational tunes and Sinitta’s tough but loving intervention is enough to sustain the Attinis 16 beyond their first glimpse of public success. 

You can click here to see the whole series on YouTube. 

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