Put a smile on that special someone’s face this V-Day 


Some love it, some hate it – but regardless, there’s always a specific problem when it comes to Valentine’s Day cards for the queer community. They all just seem a bit too straight. 

Whether it’s because the pronouns are all wrong or you simply just don’t identify with the gendered hedgehogs plastered all over the card, trying to find a Valentine’s Day card that actually represents the relationship between you and your partner can be difficult. But not this time!

We’ve rounded up 15 of our favourite adorable queer V-Day cards to suit every colour of the rainbow this year. 💕

One for your Val-Anne-tine £3.29 

One for the vintage lover £3.50 

One for your big lesbian crush £3.29 

One for the astrology queers £2.50

One for the trans lovers £5.00

One for the theydies and gentlethems £2.50

One for the Bly Manor babes £3.85

One for the Drag Race DIVA’s £2.99

One for your lockdown lover £2.80

One for the non-stop Netflixer’s £3.90 

One for the L Word ladies £3.90 

One with the all important question £4.00

One for the real romantics £3.50 

One for the poly partners £2.50

One for all your galentine’s £14

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