From corona-cuffing to going poly mid-pandemic, we find out how Covid-19 is affecting queer women’s relationships


For our December issue, we asked you wonderful DIVA readers to tell us all your passion filled tales from the pandemic. Whether you U-Hauled with a stranger for your queerantine or decided to go poly in the midst of it all, you lot delivered the goods. Take a sneak peek at what love on lockdown looked like for queer women below. 

Pandemic break-ups 

“I was exploring a poly relationship that ended during lockdown. I have had more time to reflect, looking at relationship anarchy, thinking about sex with males and trans masculine people, thinking about my role in sex – having been active mostly, what’s it like to let that go?” – Jo, 58

Couples in Covid-19

“My wife’s depression means she has wanted sex less and my physical health means I have been unable to have as much sex.” – Saf, 32 

Socially distanced and single 

“Prior to the pandemic, I had a very active sex life with multiple people and it was very hard to be forced to give this up. I’ve been trying dating apps like Tinder, as I don’t know how I can meet people in person anymore.” – Claire, 28 

PLUS, Annabelle Knight, a sexpert at Lovehoney, shares her tips and tricks for those who’ve lost their libido during Covid-19. 

To read the full feature all about what you DIVA readers got up to in lockdown, grab yourself our December 2020, available now via the links below. // 

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