Fill your feed with trans joy 🏳️‍⚧️


It can be really hard to come out as trans or non-binary, but those who do blaze a trail for others to follow. Just by being visible and being themselves, these wonderful change-makers are raising awareness and making it a little bit easier for others.

We know that each of these trans women and non-binary folk are making a huge difference in terms of visibility and representation through their activism and work. Every person on this list is paving the way forward for the trans community, amplifying trans voices and helping to shape a better world for future trans individuals.

So make sure to follow and your feed with trans joy.

Hunter Schafer 

Munroe Bergdorf 

Indya Moore

Jamie Clayton 

Janet Mock 

Jen Richards 

Kim Petras

Angelica Ross

Nicole Maines

Hannah Graf MBE

Juno Dawson

Sarah McBride

Elliot Page


Bethany Black

Laith Ashley

Paris Lees

Freddy McConnell

Laverne Cox

Bimini Bon Boulash

Alex Bertie

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