Sex positive influencer and educator, Ruby Rare, is here to help you get the most out of your sex life


You just need to take one look at the cover of Sex Ed by Ruby Rare to know this is going to be a whole different story to the kind of sex education we were given in school. Can you say you ever picked up a book from a school shelf where a tattoo covered goddess lured you in on the cover? 

Gone are the days of boring diagrams that tell us nothing about queer relationships or how to actually have a fulfilling sexual experience. Ruby is setting the bar high with an open look at how we approach our sex lives in a positive light.

It’s the inclusive look at sex education we’ve always needed. From gender identity, to nudes, to sex parties: Ruby touches on all the basics and addresses where there could be gaps in sexual knowledge from how we’ve been introduced to sex in the past.

As the blurb beautifully puts it: “Welcome to Sex Ed, where everyone is invited to the party.”

Having earned her sexual health stripes from previously working with Brook, the UK’s leading sexual health charity for young people, Ruby makes the practical elements of sex fun, and shares plenty of personal experiences in this no-holds-barred exploration.

Like a big sister, Ruby takes you by the hand and gently leads you through familiar topics, as well as areas you might be curious about, but have always been too scared to delve into. Illustrated with seriously sexy scenes from Sofie Birkin, it’s as visually interesting as it is informative. 

Written with care and openness, Sex Ed covers what some may deem as taboo topics in an inclusive and accessible way. Whether you want to improve your sexual communication, to learn more about solo sex or how to find the right porn for you, Ruby’s got it covered. After all, sex education shouldn’t start and end with putting a condom on a banana.

Ruby’s depth of experience shines through from start to finish and it’s clear no stone has been left unturned. She’s committed to giving you all the tools needed to think about your own relationship with sex and an understanding of how you can take your sex life to the next level.

You’ll come away armed with so much sexual knowledge. Even if you think you’re a sex supremo – you’ll realise there’s still so much more you’ve got to learn after reading Sex Ed. 

Sex Ed: A Guide For Adults by Ruby Rare is available to buy here now. 

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