The queer film on everyone’s radar, hot off the heels of it’s Iris Prize success 


Opening the generation section of the Berlinale 2020 where it had its World Premiere, Cocoon is the impressive second feature from Berlin-based writer and director Leonie Krippendorff. 

It’s a tender story of first times during a heated summer. First menstruation, first heartbreak first sexual desires – every moment is raw and full of chemistry. Cocoon beautifully captures the queer coming of age story in a delicate and honest way, paying tribute to the teenage queer experience of falling in love with a best friend.

After taking home two prizes for Best Feature and Best Performance in a Female Role from last week’s Iris Prize festival, it’s looking like Cocoon is proving itself to be one of the most important queer films of 2020.

The synopsis reads: “In the heat of a shimmering Berlin summer, Nora spends her days as a third wheel to her older sister Jule and her best friend Aylin. They think and talk only of boys and how to keep thin, whilst wandering the vibrant city streets taking selfies and juvenile social media videos. Feeling the pressures to fit in, Nora goes along with her sister’s frolics – drinking, smoking and playing ‘smack the finger’ with the boys. But with their alcoholic mother largely absent, it is Jule who bears the brunt of Nora’s supervision. Nora looks up to Jule but still keeps and cares for caterpillars, an activity she and her mother once shared. 

On a gym day at school, Nora gets her period for the first time in front of the class – one embarrassing step too far for Jule. When older student Romy rushes to Nora’s rescue, a friendship blossoms. But as the hottest summer on record comes to a close, things will never be the same for Nora – the butterfly has emerged from her cocoon.”

Cocoon is available online across the UK as part of the Iris Catch up until 31 October. Click here to watch. 

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