A gift from DIVA to you: watch and love these music vids by queer artists of colour


Surely we can’t be the only ones who spend our spare time falling down the YouTube hole of queer music videos…

If you can relate, we’re providing you with a little list of some of the most iconic queer music vids from the leading queer ladies and non-binary people of colour you need to check out. 

Janelle Monáe featuring Grimes – PYNK

How could we not include Pynk? The video for the queer as hell self-love anthem displays Monáe and their dancers in pink, ruffled, vagina pants, features Tessa Thompson and there’s even powerful visuals of body hair. 

Janelle said of the video: “PYNK is the colour that unites us all, for pink is the colour found in the deepest and darkest nooks and crannies of humans everywhere.”

Possibly the best music you’ll ever see? We think so…

Lizzo – Juice

Now this one was a tough choice as there’s not just one music video for Juice, but two queer vids from singer, rapper, dancer and flautist, Lizzo. 

“I tried to deep throat a banana and all I got was this lousy music video,” Lizzo told fans on Twitter.

The original Juice video was a tribute to 80s aerobics tapes but she then released a bonus Juice video starring queens from RuPaul’s Drag Race – full of that Lizzo pizazz and self confidence we love. 

Kehlani – Nunya

Dressed from head to toe in white fur, Kehlani tells her curious ex-lovers that her current relationship is “nunya business.” 

You’d never know it was filmed while Kehlani was seven months pregnant as her bump is hidden underneath her stylish winter gear. 

The video feels just as icy and cold as the message she wants to give off to those exes who won’t leave her alone. Who can blame them though? 

Hayley Kiyoko – Curious

This banger from Hayley is a commentary on the dynamics of queer love and the complicated laws of same-sex attraction we all must obey. 

The song has Hayley singing to a girl she’s been getting with, who’s also still with her boyfriend, and following her around a party. 

There’s plenty of iconic Kiyoko dance moves, making out with a girl on a bathroom sink and a pile of women rubbing their hands all over Hayley. Every scene of this video is seriously queer, and we can’t get enough of it. 

Lauren Jauregui – Expectations

If you’re looking for some Lauren Jauregui on Lauren Jauregui action, this one is for you. 

It’s a dramatic black and white music video portraying two different versions of Lauren roaming around an empty house. 

One wears a white dress out in the sunlight while the other is the leather-clad “darker” version, lurking in the shadows of the mansion. 

They eventually face one another and the dark Jauregui performs a sultry dance routine for the innocent version of herself. 

Just watch the video until the end, we promise you won’t regret it. 

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