Worried you’ll get tongue-tied? Here are our top tips for sparkling conversation.


We’ve all been there. You’re on a first date and you just don’t know what to say next. Well, don’t give up! Here are our top tips for compliments to pay your date. Follow this advice, and you may be seeing her again soon….

”My god, you have the loveliest accent I have ever heard.”

Say this and the conversation will soon be flowing like wine. Nobody likes the sound of their voice so make her feel comfortable talking to you but please don’t tell her this if she has defining high pitched squeal bound to break your wine glass before you break her heart.

”I love what you’re wearing.”

The chances are she spent countless hours parading in front of her bedroom mirror before your date. If you too want to be acquitted with this environment then compliment her no matter what she is wearing tonight. Actually, that ‘I love Seth Rogen’ t-shirt and flip-flops look is kinda cool…


”You’re so smart! I love the way you explain things.”

Reach her on an intellectual level; we all want to be complimented on our intelligence as well as our beauty! If she has wandered into the date drunk and keeps addressing you as ”doll”, however, then leave. You have better things to do.

”You’re the hottest out of your mates.”

Let her know that you noticed her first and there was nobody else whom you were attracted to. This will make her feel superior; just watch her become more confident. Don’t lie though; if your dream girl is her best mate then remember: users are losers!


”How do you keep your fantastic figure?”

Everyone wants to know that the lady they are leaving with likes their lady lumps! If you sense that this comment has opened a door to previous teen body woes, however, immediately close that door by deliberately falling off your chair.

”You smell like heaven.”

Women feel sexy when they know they smell good. This one will also give you an excuse to move closer and breathe in. If, however, you find that your Gorgonzola bread starter smells better than her stretching, grab your coat and leave.


”You are the funniest girl I’ve ever met.”

Make an important connection with her; humour is a personal taste and is a healthy foundation for any relationship. It’s a no-go if the closest you’ve come to laughing is when you looked down at her shoes.

”You have the most beautiful eyes.”

Look in to her eyes and build a sensual connection with her, she might lean in! Sunglasses indoors are for sixties icons only, if she hasn’t removed them yet sorry but this girl is a diva. #nofun.

”I feel so lucky to be out with you.”

This is a wait-for-the-right-moment one. After you’ve shared a laugh together, move closer. This will make her feel desirable. Say this sarcastically if she is a bitch and that dog shit you walked into before you arrived doesn’t seem so lucky now.

”You are the most amazing girl I’ve ever dated.”

Jackpot. You’ve had a fun, romantic successful date, so let her know that it’s because of her and you’ve forgotten about previous girlfriends. Don’t say this if she has progressively made her way past your homophobic aunt, right to the top of your Hate List.

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