A ‘Summer On Ice’ is the mini documentary all about what we lost and gained during lockdown


We knew it wouldn’t be long until some of our friends here at DIVA started releasing the exciting projects they’ve been working on during lockdown. While we were all baking and keeping up our Duolingo streak, Lots Holloway and April Kelley had a very different idea. 

The creative pair and long time friends, along with their go-pros and handy cams, decided to take a safe and sanitised trip around London in an effort to make real people with real stories feel seen. The duo set out on a mission to find out what was lost in the quarantine, but more importantly, everything that was found. 

Set to the soulful new single from Lots Holloway, Summer On Ice, the documentary sees the people of London bare all, sharing their intimate and personal stories about how the global pandemic has affected them. At the end we also see what April and Lots personally lost and gained in lockdown. It’s a tender, heartwarming and sun-soaked video that is sure to put a smile on your face.

The song, Lots explains, is “a subtle reflection of the bizarre and somber times but how we’re still managing to stay romantic and hopeful, all wrapped up in acoustic nostalgia – longing for a summer in London.”

Some of the stories are painful, and some of the stories are bursting with hope, but each and every one is equally as relevant and deserves to be heard. 

Speaking to DIVA, Lots Holloway explained: “April and myself have worked together on a few projects now, and each time the adventure is better…we clash in the most perfect way, a collision much like the big bang I’d say, an eruption of uncontrollable behaviour and ideas…but always with a magical outcome.”

“It was only during the filming of the doc we realised how impactful the idea was; we couldn’t have orchestrated or anticipated the amount of heartfelt stories we came across (and we only surfaced a small collection). There were tear-jerk moments, and absolute belly laughs…but what we realised was that behind every tragedy, there’s a strong and overpowering part of the human make up to find and cherish a silver lining.” 

April Kelley continued: “What started off as a hopeful, fun idea became something very special in our eyes. Not only did I get to spend a few days driving around our beautiful city with one of my greatest collaborators next to me, but I really felt we carved out an opportunity for others to be seen.”

“Lots has summed it up perfectly, all I can add is that amongst the uncertainty, the fear and the sadness, you can always seek and find compassion, hope and to an extent the phrase ‘everything happens for a reason’ – and for this I’ll be forever grateful.” 

Check out A ‘Summer On Ice’ – The mini-doc about lockdown below.

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