The groundbreaking TV series will see Cara participate in various sex experiments 


If there’s one thing we deserve after months of lockdown it’s definitely a docuseries about sex hosted by the one and only Cara Delevingne. 

The pansexual actor and model is set to host a new BBC docuseries focussing on sexuality, gender and identity which will be available on BBC Three and Hulu according to Deadline. 

Currently with the working title Planet Sex, the series has been described by sources as a “high-end” documentary, exploring big questions of sexual orientation, gender identity, attraction, relationships and pornography. 

Filming of the series was put on hold earlier this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic but has recently started up again. 

Naked Television is co-producing Planet Sex with Cara’s production company Cara & Co. It comes as a highly personal project for Cara, who revealed earlier this year that she identifies as pansexual and has been a dedicated supporter of LGBTQI rights and education for years.

In the series, Cara will throw herself into experiments conducted by world-leading sex labs and will visit and explore communities who experience gender and sexuality outside of the binary. 

Sounds like it’s exactly what we deserve. We might have a long wait ahead but here at DIVA we’re confident it’s gonna be worth it.

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