A limited edition artwork, that looks forward to when “coming out” is a non event, met with acceptance rather than “tolerance”


Artist, Facilitator and Producer Paula Varjack has announced a new fundraising project in aid of Dementia UK and Colours Youth Network. 

The title of the project is “Coming out to my father” with the basis being an email written by Paula’s father, in reply to an email where she came out to him when she was 26 years old. 

Paula was inspired to make the artwork when her father recently passed away from Parkinson’s and Dementia and this limited edition art piece gives a glimpse at their relationship.

Paula said: “This email to me represents so much of his character, our relationship and how it supported me to hold my difference in the world. It also makes me a imagine a time and place where coming out can be a non-event, to be greeted with acceptance rather than tolerance.”

An obituary that Paula wrote for her father was also published in The Guardian, detailing the vibrant and caring life that he lived. 

Paula has made 100 editions of the piece as her first visual artwork and all profits from the pieces will be split between Dementia UK and Colours Youth Network. 

You can buy one of Paula’s pieces here.

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