An exclusive chat with your DIVA Pride co-host, Char Bailey


There is just one day to go until the DIVA Pride celebrations begin! Clear your diary if you don’t want to miss some incredible performances from your favourite LGBTQI women. Expect performances from Heather Peace, Toya Delazy, Emily Burns, Horse McDonald and plenty more. 

You’ll be in good hands for the whole event, with the wonderful Char Bailey and the fabulous Saski as your co-hosts. Expect juicy chats, hilarious banter and who knows what else from this dreamy duo. 

Check out our interview with Char Bailey below to find out what you can expect from DIVA Pride! 

DIVA: What’s your favourite Pride memory? 

CHAR BAILEY: Standing on stage at the end of UK Black Pride chanting “when we rise” last year. Look at us now.

Best pride event you’ve been to? 

UK Black Pride is home for me. 

Favourite rainbow item of clothing (bonus points for a picture)?

I did the River Island Pride collection last year and this two piece still gives me LIFE, plus they partnered with Ditch The Label, so all for a good cause. 

What are you missing most about physically being at Pride events this year? 

The energy, we talk about Pride a lot, it’s a word we use a lot, but when you’re there you really FEEL it. 

What can we expect from DIVA Pride? 

A celebration of how amazing you are, whilst remembering those who have come before us and recognising that there’s still work to be done, and loads of FUN! 

Follow this link to catch all of the fun at DIVA Pride 2020 from 4pm Saturday 11 July! 🌈

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