A fascinating collection of 24 writers on sexuality and religion


Is it possible to believe in God and be gay? How does it feel to be excluded from a religious community because of your sexuality? Why do some people still believe being LGBTQI is a sin?

That’s what you will find the answers to within this brand new book of essays, curated by former Chief Executive of Stonewall, Ruth Hunt. Ruth is a practising Roman Catholic and put this book of essays together to “highlight the human cost that religious homophobia has upon individuals who have done nothing wrong—except be themselves.”

The Book Of Queer Prophets is a fascinating collection of modern-day thinkers exploring their relationship between sexuality and religion. 

It contains essays from some of our most important thinkers, writers and activists today. Stories about what it means to live in full acceptance of your identity when you’ve been told that it’s “wrong’” or “incompatible” with your faith. 

Inside you’ll find essays from Jeanette Winterson tackling religious dogma, Amrou Al-Kadhi on connecting religion with drag and Tasmin Omond explains what it meant to get married in the middle of the Extinction Rebellion protests. 

Each story is powerful and personal. They perfectly touch upon how the connection between these two parts of life can be a confusing and an alienating realisation. But also how beautiful and joyful it can be. 

The accounts range from uplifting to heartbreaking, yet each one is incredibly informative and holds a message of hope for the future

It doesn’t shy away from conflicts or pain, but ultimately The Book Of Queer Prophets celebrates the transcendental connection between sexuality and religion. The boldness of breaking down barriers we stumble across on our individual journey towards acceptance is prevalent throughout.

With faith comes extraordinary love. Wounds religion may bring upon faith can be healed. Religion may sometimes hide behind homophobia, but there can be redemption, and through these 24 unique real-life accounts, you can feel it happening. 

You can buy your copy of The Book Of Queer Prophets right here.

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