No we’re not crying…


The L Word – Carmen and Shane 

Carmen was Shane’s first serious love on the show and, after a lot of drama – from cheating to Carmen being disowned by her family – it took the loss of Dana to prompt Shane to propose (dressed forebodingly in black). Carmen didn’t say yes until the gang’s emotional trip to scatter the ashes. We’re not crying, you are.

Orange Is The New Black – Piper and Alex

As the prison riot is about to come to an end, and a group of the inmates are hiding out in Frieda’s bunker, Piper returns Alex’s glasses to her before getting down on one knee and proposing to her on-again/off-again love with a can of beans and a winning speech.  

Grey’s Anatomy – Callie and Arizona

After a fight in the car about Mark encroaching into their personal time, Arizona says she’ll do whatever will make Callie happy, and Callie spontaneously says “Marry me”. Seconds later their car crashes, but Arizona finally gets her yes when Carrie wakes up in hospital after the birth of their baby.

Glee – Santana and Brittany

After an adorable mashup of Hand In My Pocket/Feel The Earth Move, Santana tells Brittany, “I want to mash up with you forever”. She gets down on one knee in front of the whole Glee Club to propose to her cheerleader girlfriend, who immediately says yes – Y-E-S!

Queer As Folk – Lindsay and Melanie

When Lindsay takes Melanie to her sister’s wedding, the pressure to stay closeted around family breaks her and she proposes to Mel publicly while toasting the bride. Again, it’s not an immediate yes, but Melanie eventually accepts and the show gets its lesbian wedding!

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