A new podcast with The L Word actresses Kate Moennig and Leisha Hailey, produced and edited by Rachel Shelley


Drum roll please…

DIVA devotees, it gives me great pleasure to announce a delightful delicacy for your ears:

PANTS! with Kate and Leisha.

Produced and edited by me, Rachel Shelley.

Inspired by the hugely successful podDIVA interview with my fellow L Word stars Kate Moennig and Leisha Hailey, we decided to make the transatlantic tête-à-têtes a regular thang. To create a new weekly podcast to bring laughter and love to all our lockdown lives. And beyond, if enough people subscribe.

Because Kate and Leisha are best friends. And so are the characters they play on TV. Maybe you think you know Shane and Alice in their scripted lives. But do you know Kate and Leisha when they go off script and improvise? The lines get blurred. Where does fiction end and the real world begin?

PANTS podcast is produced and edited in the UK by Rachel Shelley

In upcoming episodes Kate and Leisha will bring you fun-filled frivolity and deep-rooted intimacy. We’ll feature mini-reunions and much reminiscing. They’ll talk about everything and nothing. Built for headphones, this podcast delivers a direct dopamine delivery to the brain. You’ll laugh your socks off.

You can subscribe to the PANTSpod now on Acast or Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Feel free to send us a question! Kate and Leisha will answer a few every week. You can tweet us (@ThePantsPod) or email us (pantspodcast@yahoo.com) – even send us a recording of your question and we can use it in the podcast.

Happy listening!

PANTS with Kate and Leisha. Produced and edited in the UK by Rachel Shelley. Music by Carolina Parra / CSS. Artwork by Lovefoxxx.

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  1. i love the fact that you would go back to see Dinosaurs.
    i would go check on the Pyramids to understand how they actually built them…
    love you very much ladies!!

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