Rachel Shelley, The L Word’s Helena Peabody, interviews cast members and crew about their time filming The L Word, what comes next and even life during Lockdown. Keep checking in as we will be adding more interviews from the DIVA vaults.

Ilene Chaiken: Interview with Rachel Shelley

January 2020

Rachel Shelley (The L Word’s Helena Peabody) talks to Ilene Chaiken, creator of The L Word, about The L Word Generation Q.

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KATE & LEISHA: Interview with Rachel Shelley

February 2020

Rachel Shelley (aka Helena) re-unites with fellow L Word cast members Kate Moennig (Shane) and Leisha Hailey (Alice) to talk all things Generation Q. 
podDIVA is produced by Rachel Shelley for DIVAmag.co.uk

Alexandra Hedison: with Rachel Shelley

Sweet nothings…

From The L Word actress Alexandra Hedison to our very own Rachel Shelley.

Nov 2017

Alexandra Hedison Reunion with Rachel Shelley

What happened when Rachel Shelley rebooted with Alexandra Hedison in Paris?

Eavesdrop on their reunion here. 

November 2017

Laurel Holloman: interview with Rachel Shelley

Rachel Shelley catches up with Laurel Holloman at her 2018 summer exhibition Fertile Ground, at London’s Bankside Gallery, just next door to Tate Modern.

Summer 2018

Meredith McGeachie: interview with Rachel Shelley

With rumours of an L Word reboot in the air, Rachel Shelley talks to her fellow alumni Meredith McGeachie (akaTon-ton).

4 thoughts on “The L Word Interviews: by Rachel Shelley”

  1. Loving Rachel’s podcasts! So real, authentic and fun. Keep it up Rachel.

  2. Loving these interviews..so refreshing to hear the cast of the L Word..been a fan from day one..great PodDiva..keep up the fabulous work Shelly..looking forward to more interviews..💞

  3. Pretty criminal being able to hear Rachel’s lovely voice without being able to see that GORGEOUS face but as with anything else remotely related to Rachel, I dig it!!

  4. I really love it when she interviews people. It makes you feel like you are there and eavesdropping in the conversations.

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