A new bitesized episode every day of Pride Month, packed with LGBTQI icons 🌈


Pride Month is looking pretty different to how it usually does this year, but that doesn’t mean the celebrations have to come to a standstill. It’s still a time to celebrate the LGBTQI community, their experiences and identities, and commemorate our history. Whether that’s on the streets of a Pride parade or at home in your bedroom, we’ve still got plenty to be celebrating throughout June. 

The Anthems Pride podcast, produced by Broccoli Content, is a brand new series that highlights “the diverse voices of individuals who are making history and whose lives inspire others to live fully; to be who they really are.”

Each Anthems Pride episode is a profound and poignant take on why we still have a need for community and unity, featuring an array of diverse LGBTQI voices throughout the month of June. 

Some of the names we’re most excited for include: Lotte Jeffs, Sophie Ward, Jodie Mitchell, Dodie, and DIVA’s very own Editor-in-Chief, Carrie Lyell. 

Executive producer of Anthems Pride, Hana Walker-Brown, said: “We need community now, more than ever – words that bind us, not divide us. I saw how much of an impact Anthems Women and Anthems Home had on people, how much comfort and courage listeners were finding in the words of others and really wanted to bring that to Pride, especially as Pride celebration events have been cancelled. 

“We have an exceptional selection of voices from exclusively LGBTQI+ communities contributing to this series, their words are raw, honest, inspiring, moving, motivating- there truly is something for everyone and it’s a real privilege to be able to bring them to our listeners and celebrate the words and experiences of some truly brilliant people.  It was really important it was for us to represent all of these communities and I hope it inspires others to be proud of who they are.”

You won’t want to miss this! Plug in your headphones and get ready to celebrate Pride with this incredible collection of declarations, stories and proclamations, highlighting why Pride is longer than just a month. 

Catch the trailer below for the full list of LGBTQI icons involved and subscribe to Anthems here. 💫

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