Can you believe? DIVA meets Nadia Durham, wardrobe stylist on the Netflix smash hit 


If you’re anything like #TeamDIVA then you’ll also love binge-watching the Fab Five work their super stylin’ magic on Queer Eye. But behind-the-queens there are other creative hands at work… 

Enter wardrobe stylist Nadia Durham. Based in Atlanta, US, Nadia landed a gig on season one of Netflix’s tear-jerker of a makeover series after 10 years of working in the industry. But just what about Nadia’s stylist job has her feeling fabulous – and what leaves her #struggstofunc?  

What was the driving factor in deciding to “Go for it”?

Seeing everyone around me settling for jobs they weren’t passionate about. It scared the hell out of me!

How would you describe an average day with the Fab Five?

Working with the Fab Five was by far one of my best styling experiences; they’re hilarious. Everyone brought something different to the set. 

How did you get the gig?

A friend of mine who was working on the show gave my name, along with a friend of mine, and we both ended up being hired. 

What was the best thing about working on Queer Eye? 

Seeing the reveal of the “heroes”.

And the worst? 

The call time! 

Image by Ray J Rich

What was the biggest challenge, and how did you overcome it? 

Getting some of the heroes to step outside of their comfort zones. If you’re used to wearing overalls and we put you in a skinny jeans and give your shirt a #FrenchTuck, it can be a lot.

What’s the funniest thing that happened on set?

Jonathan Van Ness. 

Has your sexuality, gender or ethnicity ever been an issue at work?

Personally, no. There was a discussion had around the episode Dega Don’t when the Fab Five are pulled over by a cop while Karamo is driving, but that was very much an open discussion to get a sense of how it might be received by audiences.

What advice would you give someone pursuing a career as a stylist? 

Stay on course – it’s a rocky road. You have to stay focused and remember why you started. There’ve been many days where I’ve wanted to throw in the towel, but then I remind myself that I do this because it’s a passion of mine. I enjoy helping people look and feel good.

Image by Ray J Rich

Who inspires you professionally? 

Any entrepreneur who has the courage to step out and do this full-time. Sometimes you really have no idea where your next pay check might come from.

What one superpower would make your job easier? 

Reading minds! The most difficult part of the job is that most people have no idea what they want.

What’s the best career advice you’ve been given? 

Give back to the younger versions of you. We were all beginners at one point, pass the baton!

What’s been your favourite episode of Queer Eye?

Season one episode three, the one with Cory Waldrop the former marine. It was the most touching episode. We all cried like babies!

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