Have a queero in mind already? Here’s how you can nominate them this year šŸŒˆ


While lesbian, bisexual, queer, trans and intersex people are more visible than they were 25 years ago ā€“ whether thatā€™s within the realm of business, politics, the arts, the media, sport or anywhere else ā€“ in some circles, their voices remain marginalised, and their life experiences dismissed. Too many from our community have to work harder to smash through stereotypes and glass ceilings. 

Thatā€™s why we publish The Pride Power List each year, to celebrate those powerful, dedicated and wonderful people within the LGBTQI community. The people who do everything in their power to make LGBTQI life that little bit brighter.

The Pride Power List is the definitive guide to those in the LGBTQI community ā€“ and our allies ā€“ who are dedicated to working towards true LGBTQI equality and inclusion.

Although the United Kingdom enjoys some of the most progressive equality legislation on the planet, workplace equality, equal marriage and the right to adopt children ā€“ while important ā€“ have not been able to wipe out homophobia. Homophobic and transphobic hate crimes are on the rise, Twitter is often a cesspool of gay hatred and parents are openly objecting to their children being taught that not all relationships involve one man and one woman.

ā€‹Thatā€™s why the Pride Power List is more important than ever. We believe that by shining a light on those who are prepared to stand up and be counted, we encourage others to do the same. People in the public eye ā€“ whether politicians, musicians, media personalities, writers, sportspeople or business leaders ā€“ have a platform, and everyone at the Pride Power List thanks every single name featured here for using that platform for the common good.

Topping last year’s list were big LGBTQI names including Ruth Hunt, Sir Ian McKellan CH CBE and Phyll Opuku-Gymiah.

Whether it’s through hours of campaigning, speaking at international events or writing for publications across the globe, nominate the people you want to be recognised for their hard work this year. 


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