Looking to add a bit more fun to your virtual date night? Give one of these lockdown-friendly ideas a go


Dating within the confines of your own four walls during the Coronavirus pandemic is proving difficult for many. Whether you just started seeing someone that got your heart pounding pre-lockdown, or you’re separated from your partner as a result, virtual dating has quickly become the way of the world. 

Although a date night over a video call isn’t quite the same as being face to face with your lady lover, it’s a great way to spend time together and keep the spark alive during these difficult times.

So stop swiping, dress up all fancy and pop to the shop for some essentials (beer or wine, the choice is yours) to pretend the world is normal for a little while. 

Whatever your relationship status, here are some super fun and creative ideas for taking your dating game digital. 

Play games 


If you’re ready to reveal your competitive side, why not challenge your date to an evening of digital games? You could create your dream life on Sims together or test your way with words with a game of Scrabble.

Watch movies 


Use a streaming service to stream or rent the same movie. There’s no better way to get to know someone than to know what films they like! Start it at the same time (or use Netflix Party) and talk on the phone or text together throughout the film. Bonus points for queer films, of course.

Read each other’s horoscopes 


It’s probably the first question you asked each other and you’ve probably already accepted the fact that maybe you do always go for Geminis, but why not dig a bit deeper? You could test your compatibility together if it’s a fresh fling and see if love is on the cards.

Truth or dare 


This can be PG, or not! Maybe there will be a few surprises but it’s a great way to get down to the nitty gritty stuff.

Virtual house tour 


Sure, it’s a bit weird to see your date’s bedroom when you haven’t met in person yet, but what better way to be a bit nosey? Since we’re all at home anyway, take this opportunity to show off your living space and where the future dates can take place.

Virtual happy hour 


Light a few candles to create the feeling of an intimate bar and call up your bae for a romantic drink. If you want to feel a little fancier, get dressed up as if it was a non-virtual date.

Cook together 


Use your preferred video chat to cook a meal and eat it at the same time. It’ll be like you’re together, but the added perk is that you won’t have to worry about the kitchen being too crowded!

Order food for one another 


If you and your date can both get food delivered, why not order from your respective favourite restaurants and dine in together via video chat? Set a time for delivery and schedule it to land on their doorstep. Then hopefully you can go back there for a date IRL when this all blows over!

Take a walk together


If the weather’s nice take a long walk “together” while on the phone. Stop occasionally to take photos and send them to each other as you walk and tell them about what you can see so it feels like you’re there together.

Make a playlist and DANCE


What says romance better in 2020 than a playlist? Curate a playlist for your crush and ask them to reciprocate. You’ll get to learn all about their favourite genres and artists and you can boogie to them together on your video calls when happy hour has gone on a little bit longer than it should have!

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