The Norwegian indie-pop queen is back with another super queer song


What a day to be gay! Girl In Red (real name Marie Ulven) has shared a taster of what we can expect from her hotly anticipated album and we are loving it. 

After kicking off 2020 by sharing Kate’s Not Here from the acclaimed soundtrack to horror movie The Turning, we couldn’t wait for new music from Girl In Red. 

The single is called Midnight Love and it’s a tender and honest track, all about how she made someone else feel like they were second best. 

It’s a lot more gentle than some of Marie’s earlier music, but it retains her authentic and real portrayal of love and romance as a queer teen. We’re 100% here for this new phase for Girl In Red and can’t wait for the release of her first album. 

Speaking exclusively to DIVA, Marie said: “My latest single Midnight Love is actually about me being a rude person. My behaviour towards someone in the past was really bad.”

“The song is pretty much about how I know I made someone else feel. It’s about me making someone feel like I’m just a ‘midnight love’ or they’re just my second best.”

“It’s a little bit of a different approach to writing. It’s me reflecting on a situation but also seeing the situation for what it really was after a close friend of mine pointed out that she was in a similar position. Then I realised I was pretty much doing the same thing to this person. Now we’re friends again, I think it’s all good now.”

Make sure you check out the new single from girl in red below and our exclusive interview in the May issue of DIVA. 🌈

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